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Amidst war, companies scramble to ensure safety of employees

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by Beroe Inc
6 March 2022


Multinational companies closed offices and factories in Ukraine. Many companies are ensuring that their staff are safe and are making efforts to transport them across Polish borders.

List of MNCs that shut operation

Steps and Impact

Number of employees impacted

Carlsberg closes three breweries

Asked employees to stay at home and await for instructions from local authorities. Disruption in supply of natural gas at breweries in Lviv is expected to extend the shut down


Nestle SA temporarily closed three factories and warehouses

Recommended employees to stay at home.


SAP shuts offices

SAP closed its Kyiv offices and taken measures to support employees


ArcelorMittal halts production and underground mines

Contractors and employers were asked to leave site to ensure safety


Imperial Brand PLC suspends operations

Factory in Kyiv has been closed; sales and marketing teams have been suspended



Uber has offered Kyiv-based employee and immediate families temporary and voluntary relocation to other places in Ukraine and Poland. Asks gig-working drivers to stay at home


Global Guardian

The company shifted 200 employees from international financial services, legal and other operations to Poland. The company had evacuated about 1,500 employees in other departments—mainly foreign nationals—before the start of the invasion


(Sources: itln, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, BGR)

Most employers have instructed employees to work from home, away from any conflict areas. Multinational companies including logistics firms have implemented business continuity strategies to continue to support customers and supply chain requirements.

Immigration Trends for Refugees

Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia are already prepared for inflows of up to a million people. Ukraine’s defense minister estimates that the invasion by Russia would displace up to five million citizens as a result of the war. Under EU policy, no visa is required for Ukrainians to enter the Schengen Area — a common travel area among EU countries


Measures taken to support Refugees

Number or Refugees Anticipated


The government and NGOs are planning to house refugees in hostels, dormitories and sport facilities. Multiple reception points were set up across  borders to support refugees with food and medical aide

~1 million


Hungary has prepared to support Ukrainian refugees and the Defense Force is planning for steps to accommodate the refugees. It was noted that most of them crossing the borders were ethnic Hungarian Ukrainians.


Czech Republic

Czech Republic has activated Migration Wave Preparedness Plan in order to assist Ukrainian citizens and refugees. The move would be to support refugees and offer support



The firefighters in Slovakia have built temporary emergency camps for Ukrainian refugees. In addition to that the capacity of asylum facilities has also been increased to support them


(Sources: CNBC, www.schengenvisainfo.com, AP News, BBC News )

The number of Ukrainian immigrants in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia has spiked from 0.7 to 1.6 million and the share in the total number of Ukrainians who moved abroad for better living conditions has increased from 13% to 27%. The increased migration of Ukrainians to Central European countries is anticipated to contribute positively to the region’s labor market.

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