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Cosmetic Industry Thrives on Attractive Packaging to Boost Sales

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by Beroe Inc
7 March 2023

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Packaging plays a vital role in attracting potential customers and promoting brand identity. Collapsible tubes are widely used in several industries, including personal care, oral care, pharma, and cosmetics. An appealing package can be a game-changer for a product or a brand.

According to Beroe research, customers are more likely to make impulsive purchases when they are attracted to a product's packaging. The quality of packaging not only catches the customer's attention but also protects the product inside.

The cosmetics industry is experiencing significant growth globally due to the rising urban population and increased awareness of skincare and its benefits. Customers believe that high-quality products come in good packaging. A product's packaging helps set it apart from rivals in the market. There are several rules and regulations in place in several countries to ensure the quality of product packaging.

Packaging quality is crucial to ensure products are correctly protected during shipping and storage. All handling marks, carton numbers, consignee marks, country of origin marking, and size and weight markings should match the information on the outer surface of the carton. Shipping marks must be legible and accurate, and the UPC label should be printed clearly and accurately. Other labels on the carton should also be legible and accurate.

Customers of skincare and personal care products are more attracted by the packaging quality. Maintaining the quality and increased shelf life of the product have a positive impact on customers' buying decisions. The aesthetics of the product packaging help customers recall the brand. Labels on the package should provide product information and be equally appealing in store shelves.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted consumer behavior. Customers have become more price-sensitive, and online buying across all categories has accelerated. Consumers' attention to health, wellness, and cleanliness has also sharpened. Public knowledge of packaging's potential to leak into the environment has risen. Retailers and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) corporations are making significant investments in sustainable packaging, while regulatory agencies are taking strong action.

In conclusion, packaging quality is a vital factor in attracting customers' attention and promoting a product's identity. Good packaging can help achieve positive word of mouth for a product, and it is crucial to maintain the quality and increased shelf life of the product. Packaging is more than providing product information; it relates to product features and brand identity. Packaging can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses to boost sales and brand image.

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