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Category Scan: Corporate Wellness Program

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by Beroe Inc.
7 July 2019


Organizations can measure and enhance the effectiveness of their wellness programs at every stage. Proactive evaluation planning, ongoing data analysis and wellness program audits are the keys to success.

Program Stage


Early program

Intermediate program

Mature program

Points to Ponder

 What should be done?

How can it be made effective?

Is it going as per the plan?

Is it result oriented, and what is the outcome?

Things to be done


  • Feasibility study
  • Risk estimates
  • Potential savings
  • Trends review
  • Confirm evaluation plan
  • Collect baseline data


  • Process and structure evaluation
  • Prioritize the risks


  • Good audit
  • Focus on analysis and correct decision making according to the early outcomes


  • Full audit
  • Mature outcomes
  • Focused analysis and predictive modelling for five years



  • Establishes a business case for wellness programs
  • Provides baseline for future comparison


  • Drives wellness strategy
  • Prioritizes investments


  • Effectiveness of programs against key measures can be determined


  • Measures the effectiveness
  • Gives a long-term view and progress of the program
  • Track long-term trend and take measures


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