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2019 Category Forecast – Chemicals

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by Beroe Inc.
6 January 2019

The efficacy and efficiency of Procurement Organizations are usually measured on the following broad parameters:

  • Achieve trusted advisor status among stakeholders
  • Deliver business value in a manner that helps bottom-line growth
  • Make informed decisions and excel at negotiation
  • Create advantages such that Procurement will be perceived as a business enabler (rather than a bottleneck)

In an increasingly digital world where manual processes are transformed into bits and bytes, the challenge for Procurement Organizations is to stay relevant. To make the best decisions possible without falling behind, procurement must ensure it has access to and effectively uses Market Intelligence.

Beroe’s team of Customer Success Leads -- in partnership with the research analysts -- have compiled in-depth forecast for select procurement categories for the benefit of the sourcing community.

To read the report, please log on to Beroe LiVE: https://live.beroeinc.com. The report is available in the Special Reports section.

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