Procurement Espresso


How to spot a
coming crisis?

Agave, the feedstock used to make the famed Tequila drink, is in short supply since 2016, resulting in higher prices. Tequila market follows a boom and bust cycle. In order for effective supply management and also not to be caught off guard, sourcing managers need to be aware of the tell-tale signs of a coming crisis.

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The demand for organic food continues to grow across the globe due to the rise in health-conscious
consumers. However, lack of transparency in pricing mechanism, diverse production process and high
production risks have increased the complexity of sourcing of organic produce.


Perception gap obscures
business value created by
Procurement organizations

Contrary to the perception gap that exist between Procurement and Finance teams, a study done by
Beroe shows that Best-in-Class procurement organizations in fact do help their companies in creating
shareholder value. However, this fact goes unnoticed because of lack of communication.

Indian Monsoon 2017 --
review of crop prospects

The rains were less than normal in 2017. Due to flooding
in certain areas and shortage in others, sowing is reported to be lower
for food grains and oilseeds than last year. Kharif crop production is also projected to be lower.


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