Global Supply Chains are broken. Act now

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Businesses across the globe have been impacted by COVID19
and they face a host of challenges

Location lockdowns


Inability to work remotely
(for some industries)

Supply Chain slowdowns/closures



In today’s environment where everything is changing at rapid pace, Traditional supplier financial and risk assessment methods are not enough to evaluate the risk exposure of your key suppliers

Beroe Can Help

Beroe comprehensive simulation model - WIRE (World Instant Risk Exposure) assesses impact, detects bottlenecks in your supply chain and identifies negotiation opportunities based on detailed assessment of key factors affecting your suppliers because of COVID-19

Components of WIRE:

Supply Chain Impact Analysis

Impact Assessment

Location impact

  • Assessment based on actual production facilities
  • Mapping the transshipment points corresponding to these facilities

Supply impact

  • Net capacity assessment of your category based on COVID Index

Demand impact

  • Category-wise end-use industry performance analysis
  • Net demand assessment of your category

Price, Revenue and Cash-Flow impact

  • Impact on pricing calculated based on supply and demand elasticity
  • Re-Rated revenue assessment based on price impact
  • Cost structure assessment
  • Operating cash-flow and liquidity assessment

Supply Chain
Constraint Identification

  • Input Ramp-up Constraint Analysis
  • Location Impact analysis
  • Capacity online assessment
  • Supply Chain Throughput analysis

Re- negotiation Opportunity
Identification with Suppliers

  • Input Cost Structure determination
  • Determining change in input supply and demand
  • Price change estimation of input materials (Fixed and Variable)
  • Supplier margin change estimation

Risk Mitigation Solutions

Multi-Tier Supply Analysis

  • Impact assessment of sub-tier materials/ products.
  • Determine if sub-tier materials are likely to cause supply shortage

Indentify Alternate Suppliers

  • Ensure supply certainty by quickly identifying alternate suppliers who are least impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis

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How does WIRE Impact Assessment work

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