Impact Assessment and Solution in two weeks

Impact of COVID-19

  • How to secure supply and identify alternate suppliers ?
  • How to determine the financial impact of COVID-19 on your suppliers?

Beroe Can Help

Our World Instant Risk Exposure (WIRE) diagnostic helps you prioritize response, mitigate risk and continuously monitor the impact on your supply chain. Our Solution will enable you with:

Impact Assessment

Location impact assessment of suppliers based on evolving spread of COVID-19

Net capacity assessment of all suppliers

Financial re-rating of suppliers as plain vanilla financial ratings are backward looking and don’t include the impact of COVID-19

Beroe re-rates the financial strength of supplier based on a dynamic stress test on the location, potential revenue loss and industry impact

Alternate Supplier Identification

Alternate Supplier Identification

Identifying alternate suppliers that are viable for the short and long term

Multi-tier supplier analysis

Multi-tier supplier analysis

Identify up to 5 sub-tier inputs and get impact analysis

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of suppliers as COVID-19 locations evolve and ratings change for up to six months

How can you leverage WIRE framework?

Share the supplier list and required information


Get an impact assessment done and identify risk exposure of suppliers


Get a list of alternate suppliers based on your sourcing objectives


Multi-tier supplier analysis


Continuous monitoring and Beroe expert help on further mitigation plan


To Learn more about the WIRE framework

A representative sample: COVID-19 Supplier Risk Map