Profit is not the only value by which we measure business performance.

Help Spread the Wings of Joy and Bring Smiles to Faces is the motto that drives our highly motivated and energetic team of volunteer employees”

~ Samavesh

That's why some of our proudest achievements aren't reflected in balance sheets but in the time we spend with the less fortunate. Social and community activities play a key role in our culture and cover a wide range of areas such as socio-economic, education, and health care issues.

Samavesh, which stands for “inclusion”, is an initiative by the young employees of Beroe to make a positive difference to the communities around them. Established in 2009 as Beroe‘s formal corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, Samavesh is run and managed entirely by employee volunteers. The team has an average age of around 25, and the enthusiasm and optimism it generates radiates through the entire organization.

Samavesh‘s focus, thus far, has been on education and sustainability. Initiatives range from adopting schools, where we sponsor deserving needy students and impart education to them, to providing material and infrastructure support to schools.

In 2015, as the number of volunteer employees‘ increases, Samavesh expects to expand its areas of engagement - with special focus on sustainability and animal welfare.

Transforming Lives

Samavesh works closely with a group of 40 children from Roshini home and supports them in their overall development through the following means:


To help in the overall development of each of the 40 children by providing them an access to better education, arts and sports and nurture talent through their schooling and college. We would like to see each individual land in a good job and be financially independent.

Enrolling children into English medium schools and sponsoring them

Organizing special tutoring classes

Professional Dance & Music classes through the week

Organizing special tutoring classes

Supporting sports activities & games

Behavioral counselling sessions and career guidance workshops.

Rural education

Samavesh works with H H High School (HHHS), Brambe, Ranchi which serves approx. 400+ underprivileged kids to impart basic education and groom them to be financially independent later in future. We help them by following means

Gifting 4 teachers who provide continuous education to the kids

Motivating the students to perform well with the help of guest lectures and live counseling

Professional Dance & Music classes through the week

Analyzing the school‘s performance, the KPI‘s being academics, extra-curricular activities and attendance. This helps them in identifying the areas where they should focus upon.

Enhancing schools transportation which in turn helps the students from remote area to come to school.

Conduct live classrooms to stay connected with the school, even from a distance


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