Espresso LiVE: Managing Procurement Ops from Home


By: Sakthi Prasad -- Content Director

27 May, 2021

Espresso LiVE: Managing Procurement Ops from Home

For the past year or so, a majority of Procurement teams across the globe have been working from home. With the vaccinations ramping up in some countries, the question then is whether permanent work from home/ remote working is feasible in a post COVID-19 world? Can Procurement Operations and Stakeholder Management be managed permanently from employee homes?

Dr. Rob Handfield (Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management) and Adam Whitfield (Quality Assurance & Audit Programme Manager at Achilles Information Ltd) discuss the challenges and opportunities in managing Procurement Operations and Supplier Management from home/ remote locations.


Join us on June 29 for a live discussion on how to profitably deploy e-auctions in your organization