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Terms and Conditions

Beroe Inc Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1. These terms and conditions apply to the use by an individual, institutional or corporate subscriber (‘Subscriber’) of the data, software tools, information and editorial content (‘Licensed Materials’) contained in the Beroe Inc products and services (‘Beroe Inc Services’) specified in an order form agreed by Beroe Inc and the Subscriber (‘Order Form’).

1.2 Provision of Beroe Inc Services is conditional on payment by the Subscriber of all amounts set out in the Order Form.

2.1 Subscribers will be given access to Beroe Inc Services on a Per User License, a Site or Multisite License, an Enterprise License or a Function License (each a ‘License’) as stated on the Order Form and more specifically described in these terms and conditions.

“Authorised User(s)” means; (i) Per User Licence - the named individual(s) identified in the Order Form; (ii) Site License - all the Subscriber’s employees and/or other workers normally located at the physical site(s) specified on the Order Form; (iii) Enterprise Licence - all employees and other workers in the Subscriber Group; and (iv) Function License - all employees and other workers of the Subscriber or Subscriber Group (as applicable) who carry out the function specified in the Order form for the Subscriber or Subscriber Group (as applicable).