Digital Supplier Risk, Compliance and Engagement

Supplier Risk and Compliance is one of the top
priorities for procurement

(Source: Voice of Procurement survey- Beroe LiVE and top 100 clients)

Challenges in implementing Supplier Risk and Compliance Program

How do I get a clean supplier master before assessing the risk associated with suppliers?

How can I extend the risk assessment to all my suppliers and identify suppliers who are safe to partner with?

How can I get a unified view of supplier risk and reduce data access issues with multiple sources, tools and portals?

Beroe's Know Your Supplier (KYS) Program

Beroe’s KYS program can enable procurement organizations navigate the challenges associated with Supplier Risk and Compliance. Based on the Know Your Customer concept, KYS provides comprehensive and continuous screening of a company's entire supplier base with the help of industry leading partner on key risk and compliance parameters

Know Your Supplier (KYS)


Financial Stress Checks

Violation of International Treaties

Human Rights Violations

Money Laundering

Terrorism Involvement

Corruption/ Fraud/ Criminal/ Regulatory Issues

Know Your Supplier (KYS) Program Features

KYS - All Suppliers Recommended

Basic supplier information


Electronic code of conduct acceptance


Self-assessment questions


Request Certifications

Sanctions Check

FREE Add-Ons Checks
  • Corruption checks
  • Fraud checks
  • Human rights violations checks
  • Financial Stress Check
PAID Add-Ons Checks
  • Supplier diversity
    (US and Canada
    suppliers only)

Powered by:


Labour, Health & Safety
(Modern Slavery Act, Right to Work)

Health & Safety Management & Policy


Workforce policies




Modern Slavery Act


Workforce Management and Right to Work


(CSR Inherent Risk & Medal)





Health & Social


Sustainable Procurement



Financial Health System
(7 Year Financial Analysis)

70+ financial ratios


Financial Health Rating


Yearly Refresh (Renewal Required)




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Request Pricing


Deep Drive Audits
~0.5% of the supply base

Financial, Labour, Health & Safety

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Request Pricing

How does KYS Program benefit you?


Clean supplier master


End to End Program management


A two way Supplier Communication Portal


Unified Supplier Compliance Dashboard

Meet our Partners

Financial Risk


Assess the financial health and well-being of your suppliers through Financial Risk Analysis



Evaluate Environmental and Social Performance of your suppliers

Labour, Health & Safety


Assess your suppliers commitment towards applicable labour, health and safety standards



Get your suppliers validated on how they operate their business within the construct of applicable laws, and regulation in their region

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Beroe LiVE is a procurement intelligence, supplier discovery and Compliance platform, from Beroe.
It hosts ready-to-use intelligence on 262 categories, provides intelligence on 140 million+ suppliers, engages with a community of
14,000+ companies and houses 900+ Thought leadership artefacts.

Companies on Beroe LiVE

Know Your Program FAQs

Beroe LiVE is an on-demand procurement intelligence and supplier discovery and monitoring  platform from Beroe 

  • Suppliers authorization and certification platform
  • Intelligence on 262+ categories
  • D&B Risk ratings on 140 mn suppliers
  • An engaged community of 9,000+ companies
  • 800+ Thought Leadership artefacts
  • Request customized intelligence

Beroe is continuing the evolution of the platform by developing a Compliance module that includes both suppliers and buyers. In this initial stage of the new module, we are working with select customers and suppliers to engage with in shaping future stages of the platform.

Beroe LiVE platform is developing the capability of enabling supplier monitoring and discovery, one of key areas of concerns for procurement professionals. In this initial stage of the platform, Beroe is focusing on surfacing data already exists with our data partners. In the next stage in early Q1 2019, customers will be able to request additional assessments from suppliers based on risk analysis completed within the platform.


  • In the initial stage, data requests will be available on Financial Risk. Additional data partners will be available at subsequent stages of the platform.
  • Beroe has or is developing partnerships with key vendors who will provide assessment on the listed Compliance parameters. These partners include D&B, Rapid Ratings, EcoVadis, Achilles, CSRHub.
  • You will be able to review data from the available partners in a central location in the Beroe platform. The next stage of the platform includes active monitoring and additional assessment request options.
  • Additional stages will also include the ability to evaluate risk on a list of suppliers and to discover new suppliers based on defined criteria.

Benefits of supplier Compliance program through Beroe LiVE

  • Beroe will manage the whole process on your behalf at no cost.
  • On-platform supplier assessment/certifications/ratings and recommendations for Free
  • Supplier discovery that will help shorten the RFP cycle in future stages
  • Upload the list of suppliers
  • Request for data from partners
  • View ratings against your suppliers
  • Request custom assessments based on risk assessment and recommended actions (Not in initial initial)
  • Monitor suppliers through centralized dashboard
Yes. You will receive an invitation from the Beroe platform with log in information and steps to complete your registration.

Beroe will manage the whole process on your behalf at no cost

Beroe is committed to maintaining security on proprietary information. Other procurement teams will not be able to view or access the suppliers you have uploaded, search for or send requests to. Each company has a unique identifier that ensures no unauthorized users access the company data.

The initial email to suppliers will come from the procurement companies to the suppliers selected to participate in this initial stage. Beroe will provide the email template. Suppliers will then receive an automated email from the platform with their unique company profile link and instructions to log in. 

If there is no response to the invitation to join, Beroe will follow up with suppliers to encourage them to register and complete the request. 

If there is no response from suppliers to requests and follow ups, the point of contact within the procurement organization will be given the information for subsequent follow up requirements.

The primary central dashboard includes information on pending requests sent to suppliers but have not yet been purchased in the ‘Pending’ tab. There will also be a ‘Shared’ tab that displays a list of suppliers that have completed their data request with the ability to drill down to their supplier profile. Additionally there is a ‘Declined’ tab with the list of suppliers who registered but declined to purchase the data option. 

The supplier profile will be basic company info and contact in the initial stage. Each stage will increase the supplier profile options to allow for a central location to review details on the supplier. This can include specialities, additional certifications or audits the supplier has completed, relevant policies, etc. 

In future stages you will see watchlists for monitoring, a recommendation engine that will assess risk on a supplier list and recommended assessments for risk mitigation.

You will not receive an email when a supplier unlocks data requested. We encourage you to log in to see progress of your supplier list. Additional controls of email notifications will be in future stages.

Please contact Tina Baker, Director of Product Management at or log a request with the helpdesk for information to be provided.

Currently suppliers cannot be removed but additional suppliers can be added at any point through the system or by contacting support for assistance.