Video Interviewing Software Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Engagement Model
  • Pricing Models
  • Cost Elements: Video Interview Software and Deployment
  • Cost Structure: Video Interview: Managed Approach

Table of contents

  1. Category Intelligence Summary
  2. Market Overview
  3. Video Interviewing Market Overview
  4. Video Interview Trends
  5. Benefits Of Live Video Interviewing
  6. Check Points For Selecting Video Interview Providers
  7. Industry Best Practices
  8. Engagement Model
  9. Pricing Models
  10. Cost Elements - Video Interview Software And Deployment
  11. Cost Structure - Video Interview - Managed Approach
  12. Cost Analysis
  13. Case Study
  14. Supplier Analysis
  15. Supplier Overview
  16. Comparative Analysis
  17. Supplier Profiles

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Global Market Outlook on Video Interviewing Software

Large organizations with a global presence and over 5,000 employees prefer using video interviewing, and it is also gaining popularity among start-up and virtual organizations.

  • Free video chatting software, such as Skype, Google, Hangout are preferred by organization, as it is easy for candidates and interviewers to connect
  • Large organizations are showing interest in apps and tools, which can be integrated with mobile devices to ensure ease of interviewing from any where at anytime
  • Service providers are also offering customized solutions, such as chats, review, and recording options for clients

Key Trends

  • Live interviewing solutions are often integrated with Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) and Talent Management Solutions
  • There is a high focus on data and communication security features
  • Integrating video interviewing application and software to mobile devices
  • Cloud-based tools and solutions

Video Interview Trends

Digital hiring

  • A lot of companies now focus on digital hiring. Resumes will be displaced by constantly evolving representations of individual experience, skill, and aptitude, which exist purely in the digital realm
  • Innovative tools that use social media, big data, and other technologies to give tremendous insight into individual job seekers will be the primary screening method

Social analytics for data screening

  • The use of social networks and other digital profiles as candidate search tools has opened up a much wider talent pool for recruiters to draw from, but the time it takes to do that research could end-up taking Hiring Managers away from their most important task of actually hiring

  • High-quality analytics programs already have been applied to customer data to help businesses make better strategic decisions. Candidate information will increasingly get the big data treatment, so recruiters can quickly and easily locate the best people for the job

Focus on passive candidates

  • As the number of Generation Y and soon, Gen Z workers continues to increase, recruiters have learned that these employees' expectations about the hiring process differ from those of older generation
  • The legacy systems in place need to be integrated with Generation Y workers in newer ways

Talent acquisition

  • Today's job seekers know their worth and are aware of the competitive landscape. They see opportunities everywhere, and if one employer takes too long to respond or makes it difficult to apply, they will quickly pass it up for another job opening. Talent acquisition is now more of a sellers market and the employment brand is looked upon as a key selling point.

Check Points for Selecting Video Interview Providers

  • The live video solution should guarantee a minimum of 25–30 frames/second
  • The live video solution should offers HD video up to 720 pixels for better video quality
  • The live video solution should consumes between 100 and 250 Kbps of bandwidth for a one-to-one video call and no more than 500 kbps of bandwidth for a group video call with six participants
  • The live video solution should ideally have an auto-adaptive mechanism to adjust the resolution to the environment, i.e., reduce number of frames per second when bandwidth is low

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