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Report Coverage

  • Procurement Best Practices in Australia
  • Market Inflation 2018 – Australia
  • Costs Hidden by Media Agencies
  • Key Supplier Profile


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Regional Market Outlook on Media

  • The online advertising industry in Australia recorded a seven percent increase in revenue in 2017, with total revenue reaching $7.9 billion.
  • Mobile brought in a revenue of $3.1bn for 2017, a 35% increase, while video posted a $1.1bn in 2017, up from $760mn the year before.
  • Search and directories took top position, recording a five percent growth to reach $3.6 bn. General display, which grew six percent to $2.8 bn, with the video component of display growing 43% to reach $1.1bn.


Media Trends – Australia 2018

Consumer usage of voice-assisted technology and devices will take off in 2018 and while marketers are reviewing their opportunities in this space carefully, media agencies need to quickly assess their role and approach to voice marketing on behalf of their clients. Expect to see measurement improve as new guidelines from IAB come into play in the next 12 months.

  • 3/4 of media agencies now plan broadcast & streaming audio together – up from 2/3 last year
  • 2/3 of media agencies looking to invest in audio cross platform buys from media organizations in 2018 (broadcast radio & online assets)
  • Over 1/2 of media agencies will be buying some audio programmatically in 2018

Procurement of Television and Digital airtime/ space in Australia

  • Options for procuring television and digital media is similar across all the seven media markets in Australia
  • Clients can bargain their fees with the media agencies by negotiating for consolidated customized packages including television and digital mediums across Australia

Procurement of television airtime space

  • Guaranteed CPRP or fixed efficiency buying is currently not operational but certain TV channels would not be receptive to an alternative method to spot, sponsorship and package buying
  • TV stations offering medium reach penetration levels with average to low ratings and/ or unsold inventory would most benefit from fixed efficiency buying
  • Volume discounts apply to airtime rates and some TV stations require an annual increase in expenditure to qualify for additional discounts

Procurement of digital airtime space

  • Digital in Australia is sold on an identical basis to that of other markets across the globe
  • Banner ads are sold over an agreed time period
  • Search is always on and charged based on the number of clicks
  • Online video plays are charged on the basis of impressions and/ or views and CTR (Click Through Rate) charged at an agreed CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Social media costs for videos are based on delivery of campaign objectives such are reach or frequency, total views, etc.,
  • Soliciting KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) requires negotiating with a blogger based on specific scope of work to be performed

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