Top 5 Waste Management Companies, Ranked by Revenue


By: Beroe Inc --

20 April, 2020

Top 5 Waste Management Companies, Ranked by Revenue

Waste management is the process of collecting waste, transporting it, recycling it, and ensuring it can be used as a resource. Proper waste management can ensure that the environment is safe and people's health is safe. Many companies provide waste management as their core service. While some of them focus on managing all types of waste, there are other companies such as medical waste management companies that provide waste management of specific types. Beroe has curated a list of the largest waste management companies ranked by revenue, that you should know about.

  1.  Urbaser

Revenue: $2.3Bn (2019)

Urbaser is an environmental management company that was founded in 1990. Today, Urbaser is present in 4 continents and 27 countries. Urbaser provides waste treatment, urban services, and integrated water management. In Spain, Urbaser is present in more than 50 cities. Urbaser has more than 160 subsidiary companies and employs more than 40,000 employees all over the globe. The company cleans more than 45,000 km of streets in numerous cities across the globe. 

 Urbaser has 128 treatment plants and has treated 23.2 M t of municipal waste. It has generated 1,592 GWh of electric power. Urbaser provides a range of comprehensive waste management including anaerobic digestion and composting, construction, industrial waste disposal, energy recovery, and municipal waste disposal. Other services provided by Urbaser in waste management include commissioning and maintenance of treatment and recycling plants and transfer stations. 


  1. FCC Environment

 Revenue: $6.5Bn (2018)

FCC Environment is a waste management company  formed after Waste Recycling Group and Focsa Services (UK) merged in 2012. 2,400 people are currently employed by FCC Environment in the UK. FCC Environment employs over 58,000 employees all over the globe. 

The services provided by FCC Environment are business waste solutions, recycling, municipal services, waste processing, and green energy. FCC Environment provides cleaning services, energy services, hygiene services, and external facilities management too. About 250,000 tonnes of hazardous waste is processed every year by FCC Environment in treatment facilities. FCC Environment helps businesses and local authorities to turn waste into a valuable resource that can be used in other efficient ways.



Revenue:  $6.9Bn (2018)

Slightly edging out FCC in our list, REMONDIS is a waste management corporation that was found in Lunen, Germany, in the 1930s. This family-run business has become one of the business leaders by serving more than 30 million customers all over the globe. REMONDIS is present in more than 800 locations in more than 30 countries in the world. It operates in three fields; water, recycling, and services. More than 30,000 people are employed by REMONDIS. There are over 500 locations of REMONDIS in Germany. The company has more than 200,000 industrial and commercial customers. REMONDIS has more than 800 plants and facilities. All of the company’s locations have EfB accreditation. There are 123 hazardous waste processing plants of REMONDIS besides 200+ sewage treatment plants.    


  1. Suez Environment

Revenue: $9.2Bn (2019)

Suez has a rich history that dates back to 1869. Over the years, Suez’s mission to protect the earth has become stronger and today, Suez has become a global name and one of the largest waste management companies. Suez employs over 90,000 people across 5 continents and has 126,500 suppliers. Suez serves food & beverage, power, automotive, transport & aeronautic, chemical & pharmaceutical, mining & metals, and oil & gas industries. Suez provides a range of recovery and waste management services including site deconstruction, recycling and recovery, industrial cleaning and maintenance, waste treatment and disposal, remediation of polluted sites and land, and hazardous waste management.

  1.  Veolia

Revenue: $14.5Bn (2019)

Veolia was founded in 1853 and for more than 165 years, it has been continuously providing resource management globally. This waste management company offers water management and energy services too. The Veolia group employs more than 171,000 employees all over the globe to provide tailored solutions to various industries and communities. Veolia serves industrial, municipality, and commercial markets. Veolia has more than 560,500 business customers all over the globe and it has operated more than 650 waste-processing facilities. 




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