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Top USA fastener manufacturers and suppliers

The top USA fastener suppliers and manufacturers produce a wide variety of products including screws, bolts, nuts, anchors, washers, and customized products such as crankshafts, component fittings, mountings, brackets, connectors, etc. These products are widely used in automobiles, aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical/healthcare, building and construction, machine tool industry, energy, electrical, and electronics.

The following is a sample list ofthe United States’ top fastener suppliers and manufacturers available on the Beroe LiVE.Ai  platform based on their revenue.

Company State Year Founded Revenue

ITW Industrial Fasteners




Alcoa (Howmet Aerospace Inc)




Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc

North Carolina



Stanley Black & Decker




NAICS Code: 332722: Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing

UNSPSC Code: 31160000: Hardware

ITW Industrial Fasteners

Established in 1912, ITW Industrial Fasteners is one of the top fastener suppliers in the USA They produce fasteners, interior and exterior components, powertrain components for automobiles and light trucks, construction products, food equipment, and more. With their decentralized and entrepreneurial culture, they have a dedicated workforce of about 46000 employees. They have approximately 19200 granted and pending patent applications to serve across 51 countries. With their enterprise strategy, they deliver solid growth with best-in-class margins and returns in markets.

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Alcoa (Howmet Aerospace Inc)

Alcoa is a leading supplier of fasteners in the USA based in Pennsylvania. Later Alcoa bought Howmet from Cordant. In 2007 they renamed it Alcoa Howmet as a newly formed power and propulsion unit. They produce structural and rotating aero engine components, fasteners for commercial transportation, rolled rings for engine parts, and engineered vibration-resistant fasteners for defense and space. They employ about 19900 employees. The Company's differentiated technologies, with nearly 1,150 granted and pending patents, enable lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft to operate, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

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Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc

With over 40 years of experience, Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc. is a renowned fastener supplier in the USA They produce nuts, bolts, and other commercial and industrial fasteners. Their comprehensive product range is utilized in industries including theme parks, power plants, and general industries. Their products are certified to AS9120 with ISO 9001 by NSF-ISR, following the quality standards. They have a committed team of up to 200 experienced and knowledgeable experts. They deliver their inventory of over 130,000 commercial and industrial-grade fastener SKUs to OEM and MRO customers across the U.S.

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Stanley Black & Decker

Headquartered in Connecticut, Stanley Black & Decker is one of the top fastening suppliers in the USA They provide engineered fastenings, fasteners for infrastructures, industrial and automotive repairs, power tools, hand tools, storage, and fastening accessories for construction. They have a workforce of nearly 60000 employees worldwide. With a global presence, they have 100+ manufacturing facilities, 50 of which are in the U.S.

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Fastener Market Overview

According to Beroe’s analysis, the global market for industrial fasteners is estimated to be $104.5 billion in 2023, and the same is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5-4 percent to reach $109.7 billion by 2024. It is mainly driven by the demand from automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, aerospace, and machinery industries 

The USA holds a market share of 21 percent and a market size of $21.95 billion, growing at 3.5 to 4 percent. The industries with high consumption in the USA include the Aerospace Industry, automotive industry, and MRO. Among other USA areas, Mexico is viewed as an emerging best-cost source for industrial fasteners.

Due to global uncertainty and the Russia-Ukraine war, supply and production activities face challenges that are expected to cause a marginal price increase. However, the global net supply is expected to change by 80 to 95 percent, and an increase in net demand by 90 to 95 percent. 

The Aerospace and automotive industries remain the key fastener demand drivers in North America. Meanwhile, the Russia–Ukraine war has impacted the raw material supply (Copper, Aluminum, etc.), as Russia accounts for about 6 percent of global aluminum production and about 4 percent of global copper production.

Post-Covid-19 epidemic, global manufacturing is on the road to recovery. However, due to the output losses brought on by temporary halts and lockdown measures, the total production objectives for key industries for 2022 have been reduced. With the need for fasteners being driven by the automotive, construction, and aerospace sectors, APAC is anticipated to continue to have a dominating position in the global fasteners market. The Russia-Ukraine war and the Zero COVID policy have had an influence on the supply market, resulting in lead time delays and price increases. The market for industrial fasteners is fragmented, with vendors catering to several sectors like building & construction, automotive, aerospace, etc. Countries like China, the United States, India, etc. are observed to have a substantially larger concentration of the fasteners supply base. Read more about the fasteners global market overview.

Top 5 Supplier Names





Year of Establishment

Number of Employees

ITW Industrial Fasteners

US, EMEA, APAC, Canada/Mexico, and South America

$14.3 billion



Precision Castparts

UK and US

$6.7 billion



Alcoa (Arconic Corporation)

US, Europe, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, and Russia

$6.8 billion




Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe

$2.5 billion



Stanley Black & Decker

US, Other Europe, Asia, Other Americas, and France

$15.6 billion



NAICS Code: 332722 : Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing

UNSPSC Code: 31160000: Hardware

Top Key Fastener Suppliers

ITW Industrial Fasteners

Founded in 1912, ITW Industrial Fasteners' primary operations include Automotive OEM, test & measurement, electronics, food equipment, polymers & fluids, welding, construction products, and specialty products. 

Key Strengths

  • Strong global presence helps to reduce and diversify business risks

  • The company’s decentralized business structure helps to achieve operational efficiency

Precision Castparts

Primary operations include Investment cast products, forged products, airframe products, and Protective coating services. They serve Aerospace, automotive, and industrial machinery markets

Key Strengths

  • The company has a strong market position and wide product portfolio

  • Experience and dominance in the aerospace industry is a key strength for the company

Alcoa (Arconic Corporation)

Established in 2002, serving aviation and aerospace industry. Their primary operations include High-pressure hydraulic fittings, threaded inserts and studs, bearings, blind fasteners, panel fasteners, latching systems, lockbolts, pins, bolts, installation systems, thread rolling and header tooling, and seamless engine rings

Key Strengths

  • The company has diversified end markets and well-placed research and development programs

  • Experience in automotive and aerospace industries serve as a key strength for the company


NIFCO, having global presence was founded in 1946. Serving the Automotive industry, home solutions, and fashion industry. Key operations include Automotive products, home electric appliances & OA products, and fashion and sports products.

Key Strengths

  • Industrial plastic parts and components business maintained a strong overseas performance in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Stanley Black & Decker

Founded in 1843, with more than 59,000 employees. Their primary operations include tools, hardware, storage products & security solutions for professional, industrial, and consumer use. 

Key Strengths

  • The company has a strong brand portfolio and strong operating performance
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Who are the top fastener suppliers in the U.S.?

The top fastener suppliers in the USA based on revenue are ITW Industrial Fasteners, Alcoa (Howmet Aerospace Inc.), Southern Fasteners and Supply Inc, and Stanley Black & Decker.

What are the key capabilities of fastener suppliers in the USA?

The top fastener suppliers in the USA produce a comprehensive range of products includingscrews, bolts, nuts, anchors, washers, and customized products such as crankshaft, component fittings, mountings, brackets, connectors, etc.

What are the latest opportunities for fastener suppliers in the U.S.?

The growth in the automotive and aerospace industry can support the company in increasing the demand for fastener products. Additionally, with the new infrastructure law now signed by President Biden in the US, the industry is likely to see an increase in demand for domestically manufactured fasteners.

What are the major concerns faced by USA fastener suppliers that could impact their business?

The Zero-COVID policy in China has significantly impacted the fabrication supply market, thereby leading to lead time delays and supply chain constraints.

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