Uncertainties in the global economy are shifting focus from reducing cost to managing volatility. Improving visibility across the value chain and reaching out to emerging economies are increasingly taking center stage in future procurement decisions. Beroe gives you the means to make decisions that keep you ahead of the competition. Besides "cost savings", Beroe's intelligence allows you to focus on value adding activities.

Procurement Imperatives for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Beroe's Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Continuous tracking of markets and suppliers

Beroe's research methodology and in-depth market intelligence permits effective tracking of 60+ commodities and 800+ suppliers

Accurate price forecasts

Beroe's forecast accuracy, even for volatile commodities, is above 90%

Help with supplier evaluations via pre-qualification surveys

to identify best-fit suppliers

Consolidation of indirect spend

To support clients to channel spend for better profitability

Evaluate Green alternatives

To support strategic initiatives that help clients reach sustainability targets

Risk Management

Help with identification and mitigation of financial and supply chain risk factors, mapping of the entire supply value chain and providing real-time alerts for value chain disruptions

advantage procurement

Domains and categories in Pharmaceutical