Software defined enterprise -a new approach for the changing IT landscape


By: Kevin Fertle --

01 January, 2017

Software defined enterprise -a new approach for the changing IT landscape


Agile, Flexible and Scalable IT have become increasingly important for every enterprise over the past five years. This is primarily driven by the proliferation of mobile devices within the enterprise network, rapid adoption of IT trends such as Cloud computing and Big Data analytics, and the expected pentation of IoT among enterprises. Asoftware defined IT approach has been chosen to answer this complex questionand through the adoption of software defined technologies such as SDN(Software Defined Network), SDDC(Software Defined Data Center), SD-WAN(Software-Defined Wide-Area Network)and SDB(Software Defined Branch),enterprises are transitioning into Software Defined Enterprises which are future ready.

Software defined IT approach

Enterprise IT landscape is expected to address the various segments within the enterprise network, starting from the typical enterprise network hardware and components extending all the way up to branch infrastructure through the implementation of different softwaredefined technologies. Software defined technologies within the enterprise grew withthe third wave of virtualization, which had its impact on the enterprise network, after successfully changing enterprise compute and storage.


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