Save costs through bundling of experiential marketing and sampling


By: Gopika Maya Gopal --

01 January, 2017

Save costs through bundling of experiential marketing and sampling


Sampling is one of the primary activities that marketers use with the aim of providing superior brand experience to the consumer. Majority of the CPGand FBT companies spend more than $30 mn for sampling activities. Increasing salary costs of the personnel involved in sampling has resulted in the increase of overall costs which is negatively impacting the ROI of traditional sampling activities. With shrinking marketing budgets, marketers are looking at ways to conduct successful sampling programs without substantial increase in costs.

The whitepaper broadly discusses the approaches that marketers could take to ensure price control across various methods of sampling.

IntroductionMarketers adopt different types of sampling based on different promotional objectives. Companies are now finding it difficult to control the prices for traditional product samplinggiventhe increase in agency cost and increasein salaries for personnel. The price fluctuations are also reducing the ROI via traditional sampling.Companies are trying to reshape the strategy for sampling and achieve price control via:

  • Investing more in digital sampling–Digital sampling istrending in the marketas there are feweroverheads required for digital sampling considering its targeted behavior

  • Utilizing the synergies between sampling andexperiential marketing–Bundling of services within experiential marketing andsampling would help in supplier consolidation and there bybringing price control 


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