Sanitary Napkin Equipment: Best Sourcing Destinations and Suppliers


By: Gowtham Sasanka P --

02 July, 2012

Sanitary Napkin Equipment: Best Sourcing Destinations and Suppliers

The global sanitary napkin equipment industry currently is a custom market with a limited number of suppliers proportional to the limited number of buyer base. The specifications of the equipment are often decided by the suppliers and buyers together, with innovation helping suppliers gain a better market share. This whitepaper discusses the trends in sanitary napkin equipment procurement. The sanitary napkin equipment industry has seen a substantial growth after 80ï¾Âƒ??s owing to the growing economies in the Americas and the Europe region. The average sanitary napkin consumption was around 45 billion units per year in 2011, predominantly by the Western Europe and American countries where the penetration level is around 73-92%. The demand is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years due to the upsurge in demand from developing countries of Asia where the current penetration level is around 10-12%. This parity in the penetration levels and the availability of technology has created a rift in the number of suppliers in European region and Asian region.


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