RPO 2.0- Value Additions with the Second Generation RPO Contracts


By: Akkshita Chauhan -- Senior Research Analyst

31 March, 2014

RPO 2.0- Value Additions with the Second Generation RPO Contracts

The RPO first generation deals bought with them the fruitful results of cost per hire and scalability. These results helped in driving the bottom line through cost savings. In the second generation deals, though these parameters are still measured but they are not the major focus driving the need for an RPO. The RPO market has been saturated in terms of the results obtained through it and the suppliers are bringing in value additions for the second generation RPO buyers. This whitepaper will focus on the value additions being brought in by the suppliers, which are focused towards increased value for the buyers moving forward with contract renewals and opportunity for the new RPO adopters to start ahead of the first generation users. What are the factors driving the Second Generation Contracts? The growth of RPO first generation contracts was driven by meeting the direct buyer requirements of the recruitment process. The first generation contracts were a great success and have led to year on year increase in the annual contract value.


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