Phase IV CROs in Emerging Markets


By: Sarabjeet Singh --

03 August, 2012

Phase IV CROs in Emerging Markets

Whenever the word emerging nation pops up, the first country that strikes us is China. China has a long growth story that extends in not a single industry or a practice but an all-inclusive growth. The Clinical Research industry is also not left behind, the country is predicted to be the largest pharmaceutical consumer by 2015. But with the enticing updates, also come real challenges that demystify the hype about this country. We therefore request the buyer to give a little ponder before embarking its journey in China. China has 168 registered CROs offering drug discovery, preclinical studies, and clinical trials in 2010 out of which 111 offer services in clinical trials, 35 offer drug discovery services and 36 offer preclinical studies services. A few registered CROs offer more than one function as stated in the above chart (break up by function.


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