MRO Supply Chain Optimization for Asset Intensive Industries


By: MoumitaSen -- Research Analyst

27 June, 2013

MRO Supply Chain Optimization for Asset Intensive Industries

This whitepaper deals with the various challenges faced in MRO supply chain. It also focuses on how to address these challenges and optimize the supply chain. 2. Main: This whitepaper covers the different challenges that are faced in a MRO supply chain. It gives a brief snapshot about the benefit of efficient supply chain optimization and the various methods in which it can be achieved. Lastly it provides a concise understanding about the procure-to-pay process and how it can be utilized to achieve an efficient MRO supply chain. 3. Recommendation: MRO supply chain is very complex and consumes a lot of time. But if managed properly, it can yield benefits such as low procurement costs, greater availability of assets, reduced inventory and can constitute up to 20% of a company?s savings. To successfully manage MRO, companies can opt for service providers who have a broad range of resources and can provide cost effective end-to-end solutions and to have a properly planned maintenance schedule.


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