Emerging MRO Integration Capabilities in Sweden


By: Anithamaragatham G --

02 July, 2012

Emerging MRO Integration Capabilities in Sweden

Industrial MRO Market in Sweden Sweden is a major market for MRO products in Northern Europe. Sweden MRO market is characterized by numerous suppliers for each MRO category rather than a single service provider having capabilities to provide all the products & services.?? The market is very fragmented with many small and local players forming the market.

MRO Outsourcing Outsourcing complete MRO as a practice has not yet made its presence in Sweden. Industrial maintenance itself is outsourced to the level of around 35%. Most of the maintenance is done in-house except for the critical maintenance aspects. Another reason for lesser outsourcing is the lack of suppliers for outsourcing MRO maintenance services.

Demand for Integration Sweden has around 25 fortune 500 companies and thousands of small, medium and large companies. Theses Industrial buyers are focusing on reducing the procurement costs and receiving more value in terms of products and services from the suppliers. Buyers look for suppliers with complete product and service capabilities to reduce and consolidate the supplier base. Big Fortune 500 buyers are engaging with suppliers who have the capabilities to fulfill all their needs through sub supplier sourcing. Bigger companies engage with around more than 300 suppliers to meet all their MRO needs and this makes the procurement process complex and difficult to manage. Hence, buyers are looking for suppliers who could provide complete integration capabilities.


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