Industrial Electric Motors - The Way Ahead


By: Sarvesh kumar --

02 July, 2012

Industrial Electric Motors - The Way Ahead

Electric motors are one of the most commonly used equipment in any manufacturing set up. Electric motors spend is generally considered as a part of the CAPEX spend for most of the companies. However, for some industries, like pulp and paper, oil and gas, metals and mining, chemicals etc. electric motors account for a substantial amount of the MRO expenditure. Oil and gas, metals and mining and pulp and paper are the three industries with major use of electric motors. Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Industrial Electric Motors: Considering a high average life cycle of electric motors, the first thing that we need to analyze is the total cost of ownership for the electric motors. Owing to a higher life cycle, the major cost component for an electric motor is during the operation stage. The below graph shows an indicative structure of life cycle cost of an electric motor: The energy cost is the major cost driver in the overall cost in the life cycle cost of electric motors. The procurement cost is only eight to twelve percent of the overall cost of ownership of electric motors. Industrial electric motors account for approximately 70% of the total industrial energy consumption. Cost of energy, public awareness and regulations on energy savings together are forcing the buyers to look for the option of energy efficient motors.