Importance of Travel Data and Reports to Corporate Travel Managers


By: Meena Selvaraju -- Senior research analyst, Professional Services

20 March, 2018

Importance of Travel Data and Reports to Corporate Travel Managers


A growing number of new responsibilities are added to the job description of today’s travel managers. According to a new study by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), travel managers report that mobility, virtual payments, and data are contributing toward transforming their roles and responsibilities. In many cases, travel managers have been asked to lead company-wide efforts to cut travel costs, track those savings, and report the results of these initiatives to the senior management. Travel manager plays a significant financial role and can contribute to a corporation’s shareholder value. Since the cost of travel is a corporation's second or third largest controllable expense, having experienced travel managers manage and negotiate travel-related services provides measurable financial benefits to the corporation.

This whitepaper will cover the following aspects:

  •  Importance of a travel manager
  • Travel manager’s responsibilities and evolving role of a travel manager
  •  Various ways that a travel manager can make use of data and reports
  • Ideal design of information flow
  • Best practices to be followed by a travel manager


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