Facing Challenge in Reducing the TCO?


By: Rani Ratna --

30 September, 2014

Facing Challenge in Reducing the TCO?

Process Instrumentation and control is very critical to any process industry. It gives continuous real time feedback to the controllers to maintain the reference point as per desired output. Process instruments are used widely across the industries. Major end user is Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Food & Beverage. These industries are always looking for cost cutting methods along with improvement in process efficiency. This paper explores the cost saving opportunity into process instrumentation field and how with the help of wireless technology customers are able to save more than 50% of the installation cost. Cost efficient monitoring and controlling of various processes and equipment is a major challenge faced across various industries. Ease of maintenance of field devices is another big challenge faced by the customers. There are various cost element associated with the life cycle cost of the field devices. Other than the product cost which is just a small percentage of total TCO of the device the cost parameters associated with the field devices are engineering design & planning cost, cabling design & laying cost, device installation cost, maintenance cost, up gradation and replacement cost etc. The above problems can be solved with the help of wireless technology. Wireless transmitters are easy to install and give a lot of cost savings in cabling design, planning and laying of cables. This paper discusses about the cost saving opportunity in wireless device and gives a cost comparison on wired vs. wireless technology.


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