Evolving Sourcing Strategies: Clinical Ancillary Supply


By: Rahul Sodhi -- Senior Research Analyst

30 December, 2014

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Evolving Sourcing Strategies: Clinical Ancillary Supply

Clinical Ancillary Supplies form a significant part of clinical supply chain and clinical studies. Ancillary supplies can be anything, other than drugs, used for conducting clinical studies such as syringes, needles, ECG machines, refrigerators, trial documents, etc. The supplier pool for such components is huge and varies with respect to type of products a pharma company wants to source such as one type of company can provide syringes, gloves, etc. kind of products whereas other may provide monitoring devices such as thermometers, Glucose meters, etc. In this scenario it becomes little tricky for supply chain managers to adopt best sourcing strategies which often lead of timeline delays in terms of clinical studies. Supply chain managers need to have a holistic view of what different type of sourcing strategies they can adopt while dealing with specific set of suppliers. The paper will provide a deep analysis of various sourcing options for different scenarios which may be useful for clinical supply chain managers in this evolving clinical supply chain.


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