Embedded Business Intelligence ? Increasing Operational Process Visibility upto 80%


By: Saheli Hazra Chakraborty -- Senior Research Analyst

31 March, 2014

Embedded Business Intelligence ? Increasing Operational Process Visibility upto 80%

1. Introduction: Business Intelligence (BI) has become a key aspect for any organization to enhance their decision making capabilities, but still as per statistics it has been observed that many Traditional BI approaches or implementation has failed to provide the organization with the required analytics. Hence, the evolution of Embedded BI took place. Embedded BI bridges the gap between the Operational processes and analytical approach. 2. Main: Embedded BI is the emerging trend in the Business Intelligence space to increase the adoption rate among the customers. There are a lot of challenges such as high cost, skilled manpower requirement, etc. in the traditional model of BI. The major question which lies with the BI vendors is to provide with a solution which will not involve additional infrastructural cost, will have a time saving approach, and requires minimum learning curve. The instant answer is Embedded BI. Embedded BI?s capability is to integrate or embed the BI functionality within an existing software application. This model promises to bridge the gap between operational processes and business data. This whitepaper will talk about the advantages of an Embedded BI over the Traditional/ standalone BI model. This paper will also talk about the effective scope for time and cost reduction with embedded BI and also will discuss the procurement best practices. 3. Recommendation: Whether Embedded BI will replace traditional BI? Though it is evident that embedded BI has the potentiality to streamline the operational process to a much user-centric manner but it will be biased to say that it will completely replace the traditional BI model. However, embedded BI will definitely give opportunity to organizations to skip the need of a data warehouse in certain cases. The data warehouse will not always be necessary to combine data from multiple sources and convert them into reporting format. An embedded BI is capable to access and collect data within the software application and convert them into insightful data. To sum up the same, embedded BI is a strategic approach to increase visibility and enhance performance within any organization.


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