Effective Engagement with Merchandisers and Beauty Consultants in Japan


By: Gopika Maya Gopal -- Research Analyst

30 June, 2014

Effective Engagement with Merchandisers and Beauty Consultants in Japan

Significance of Choosing Effective Engagement Model in the in-store Environment ? Choosing effective engagement model based on product categories could bring in cost savings (up to 30%) ? Identifying effective performance indicators for both merchandisers and beauty consultants could increase efficiency and would lead to more sales ? Beauty consultant spend is expected to increase since Japan has aging population and consumers are more inclined towards high end anti-aging creams involving complex handling process that requires assistance of beauty consultants ? Spend on in-store merchandisers in Japan are close to 9-10% of the overall in-store marketing All these factors increase the significance of effective engagement model in in-store. ? This whitepaper focuses on Japan merchandising landscape, current engagement models, and some of the challenges involved in supplier selection and how to overcome the same. It also talks about effective parameters for merchandisers and beauty consultants so as to increase their productivity


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