Drug Pooling in Clinical Trial Supply Chain


By: Rahul Sodhi --

30 June, 2014

Drug Pooling in Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Global clinical trials are in a need of more efficient supply chain systems that can bring more transparency and risk mitigation strategies. Currently the clinical trial supply chain is following consumption based models which is very inefficient. They need to have better models which can take care of risk mitigation strategies as well. One such model which pharma industry started following was providing overage supplies to the tune of 100-150% especially to emerging markets. This again puts huge strain on pharma budgets and is very orthodox model in rapidly evolving pharma & Biopharma R&D value chain. Drug pooling could be one of the strategic models that can bring clinical supply chain in parity to this evolving R&D pipeline. This paper provides the impact analysis of ?Clinical Drug Pooling at Depots? for various clinical trials. To understand the impact of drug pooling over various segments, Beroe conducted a survey among global clinical trial supply vendors which holds 60-70% of overall market for clinical trial supplies


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