Does Corporate Mobility need Enterprise App Store?


By: Jitu Teron -- Lead Analyst

31 March, 2014

Does Corporate Mobility need Enterprise App Store?

In 2011 for the first time, the global shipment of smart phones was more than that of desktop and laptops. This statistic announces the shift of emphasis from PCs to smart mobile devices as the primary platform for professional and personal computing activities. The proliferation of mobile devices has been so explosive that by the end of Q4 2013, the mobile device shipment roughly amounted to double that of desktops and laptops. The dominance of Android and iOS has further fuelled the evolution of mobile devices in influencing all aspects of life. There is also a new found push from the corporate decision makers towards adopting more and more mobile devices in enterprise environment. Problem Statement: A Fortune 500 company with mobile apps used at work can turn things around for the better by doing more with the integration of mobile apps to the work environment. But the question remains how? One of the key things that need to be there for a robust integration is to create a controlled ecosystem for mobile. Effective use of mobile in the corporate environment requires one to not impose restriction in the kind of information used in the mobile apps. To ensure the information usability and its security, policies and secure infrastructure should be in place. Solution: Enterprise App Store (EAS) or Enterprise Application Store has been the topic of discussion among the technology community for some time, and now finally have made its way to the market. EAS is still in its early phase but is quickly garnering a lot of interest and increasingly showing justification for some of its adoption initiatives. As mobile device proliferation inside and outside work environment continues, EAS can be the answer to the seemingly incompatible mobility solutions in enterprise environment and lead to long term productivity and huge cost savings.


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