Contrast Media APIs: Opportunity Assessment


By: PRADEEP VNK -- Senior Reasearch Analyst

23 March, 2015

Contrast Media APIs: Opportunity Assessment

Business Case/Abstract Global contrast media market valued at around USD 5.6 billion is steadily growing at the rate of around 5-6%. Market is consolidated with GE Health Care, Bayer Health Care, Bracco, Mallinckrodt and Guerbet having around 80-90% of the market. The rest 10-20% of the market is highly fragmented with several generic players in the Asian region. As demand for gadolinium based products increase, traditional iodine based products? procurement strategy has to be reanalyzed. Sourcing managers are evaluating the cost competitiveness of internal API manufacturing. Hence it is important to understand the supply market for these APIs and their external market pricing to see if outsourcing opportunities exist


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