Evolving Trends in Procurement of Commercial Print Services


By: Manik Kapoor -- Lead Analyst

31 December, 2014

Evolving Trends in Procurement of Commercial Print Services

Introduction: The commercial print industry has faced immense challenges over the past few years which are attributed to the various factors such as renewed focus of print buyers across client sectors to cut down printing cost, dealing with environmental changes, high fluctuations in the key feedstock prices (i.e. paper, ink and other raw materials) and competitive nature of the industry.

Together these factors have not changed the dynamics of the suppliers but also for the buyers in the industry:

Buyers are exploring different alternatives to subside the downtrend, for which some of them are mentioned below:

Consolidating the print supply base

Bringing in managed print services providers for managing internal printing documents and to reduce waste

Engaging with print management firms

Standardization in the content

Reduction in different suppliers for print and related activities

Alternatives to traditional print media Whereas suppliers are positioning themselves as not only specialized printer, but the complete solution shop for end to end print activities which are pre-press, print, warehousing & distribution, which helped them to evolve from manufacturing industry into service industry Alternate demand for printing materials and cost pressure are the major reason because of which buyers are moving towards bundling of print and related services to few service providers


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