China Gelatin Industry Post Chromium Scandal


By: Kirti Vatsa -- Senior Research Analyst

31 December, 2014

China Gelatin Industry Post Chromium Scandal

Introduction: China is the second largest producing region of gelatin, contributing around 35% in the global gelatin production, and is expected to drive Asia Pacific market by 3-4% through 2017. The global gelatin production has taken a hit in the last few years (2010-13) not only due to scarcity of raw materials but also the major incident of chromium scandal, happened in China in 2012. This has led to the complete revamp of overall gelatin and excipients industry in terms of regulations and quality. The white paper seeks to understand the current market situation of China gelatin industry post scandal with its impact on excipients industry, and talks about the future outlook of the industry.


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