C2C Technology: A New Revolution in Beverage Packaging


By: P.Malligeswari -- Senior Research Analyst

17 May, 2013

C2C Technology: A New Revolution in Beverage Packaging

1. Introduction: Aluminum is being increasingly used in packaging due to the various advantages it offers over the other types of packaging materials. Particularly in beverage packaging where new innovations in packaging plays a major role in brand development, aluminum bottles are used. These bottles provide visual appeal, have enhanced recyclability and are more cost effective than the other packaging types like plastic and glass. Since the usage of aluminum bottles is on the rise, it is necessary to look at new technologies that are coming up which offer more advantages than the conventional bottle making technologies. The major objective of this whitepaper is to discuss the problems that are currently being faced by the conventional methods of bottle manufacturing and how it can be offset by the new technology which is coming up in the industry


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