Advertisement ? Transition from Traditional to Digital


By: Devashish Bajaj -- Research Analyst

31 March, 2014

Advertisement ? Transition from Traditional to Digital

1. Introduction: This whitepaper looks at the growth in the utilization of digital channels in advertising and provides insight on the impact on procurement. 2. Main: This whitepaper provides an overall view into the changing advertising landscape and the effect it is having on the advertising spend of companies. It further highlights the challenges that procurement and marketing teams are facing. It offers solutions to the problems identified. 3. Recommendation: Clients should decide on their digital advertising based on the marketing objectives and target audience. The whitepaper tries to provide a solution to the type of agencies one should engage with based on the marketing goals of the organization. Problem Statement Key Issue: Clients across industry sectors have seen an increase in their digital spend. Digital advertising being a developing area clients are often unsure if they should be investing in there. This leads them to often invest in online media and not receive the benefits they had hoped to achieve. This whitepaper provides an overview into digital advertising and looks into the challenges that the companies face while engaging with agencies. It further provides an insight into the criteria?s to consider before going ?online? and finally offers supplier alternatives that the clients may engage with to source their digital requirements.


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