TiO2 costing and profitability aspects Webinar


By: Beroe Inc. --

07 May, 2014

TiO2 costing and profitability aspects Webinar

Insights on TiO2 costing and profitability aspects -- A lever to lead procurement negotiations Conventionally, large titanium dioxide (TiO2) volume buyers fail to realize the difference between potential cost savings and their actual cost savings. Another prevalent scenario is faced when TiO2 buyers often hear suppliers state "Production costs, especially raw material costs for titanium dioxide have risen considerably and hence prices need to be revised upwards". Due to buyer's lack of knowledge on detailed costing aspects, negotiation with TiO2 suppliers during procurement becomes increasingly difficult. Low negotiation power and inability to pass on increased costs to their customer results in heightened cost pressure and squeezed profit margins for the TiO2 buyers. Watch Beroe's Industrial Pigment expert, Vaishnavi Jayaraman to gain insights on costing and profitability aspects of TiO2. In this webinar Vaishnavi has focused on regional re-allocation of procurement practice, to solve the problem of bridging the existent gap between potential and actual savings.


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