Benchmarking your Construction Management (CM) approach


By: Rita Williams, Senior Research Analyst, Beroe --

10 March, 2015

Benchmarking your Construction Management (CM) approach


Currently, a majority of the project owners are aware of how Construction Management (CM) services are procured within their respective organizations. However, most, if not all, of them do not have much clarity on how their peer groups procure the same services. There are no readymade sources of information on how variety of buyers are making use of evolving contracting practices in the construction management spend area. The non-availability of such reliable source of information mean category managers are not in a position to benchmark their procurement practices.

Rita Williams, Beroe’s Engineering & Construction expert, in this his webinar, intends to address that information gap, by providing a holistic view of how the Construction Management function is handled by pioneering companies. She also talks about how best to leverage the CM services for different project types and in diverse geographies. This will help project owners formulate a view of how their approach to CM holds up against the procurement approach of other leading companies.

About the speaker:


Rita is an Engineering and Constructions expert at Beroe Inc. In her three years at Beroe, she has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in developing procurement insights, based on engineering and construction best practices across the globe. She has authored several thought leadership papers to name couple of them: “Contract management in Australian mining industry” and “Engineering Services – Sourcing through Global Centers”.

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