Espresso LiVE : The Procurement Beige Book


By: Sakthi Prasad -- Director - Content

21 April, 2021

Espresso LiVE : The Procurement Beige Book

(Note: If you would like to access the Beige Book Summary Sheet, please click here)

(NOTE: The Procurement Beige Book will be available on Beroe LiVE.Ai, the next-gen Procurement Intelligence platform. If you would like to schedule a demo to learn more about the exciting features such as smart AI assistant Abi, please write to

Are you curious to know whether the current conditions are favorable, unfavorable, or neutral for your procurement categories? Vale Krishnan, VP -- Beroe Inc, decodes the conditions prevailing in major procurement categories with the help of Beroe’s proprietary report: The Procurement Beige Book.

He also discussed what to expect over the next 3 months for select categories/spend pool.


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