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As an integrated Procurement Intelligence partner, Beroe provides customized supply market analysis to more than 65 Fortune 500 clients. Every year, Beroe's clients make supplier selections on over $500 billion in combined value using Beroe's strategic inputs.

Our recommendations are directed toward CPOs, global VPs of sourcing supply chain category heads, and spend-category stakeholders (across 2,000+ direct and indirect spend categories).

Our Preferred Supplier Network brings together the supplier community for continuous sharing of impartial, non-proprietary information on industry trends.

Beroe is able to maintain impartiality and independence by using multiple data sources, thereby avoiding a reliance on any one supplier. We provide our clients with objective, unbiased information, which can benefit suppliers by shortening the decision-making cycle in reaching agreements. And because Beroe never discloses any client-confidential feedback to suppliers, our clients are able to rely on our discretion.

Beroe provides monthly updates along with dedicated analyst time on forecasts so you can see how the industry views suppliers and get the specific market buzz on how buyer preferences are shifting.

As a preferred supplier you get

Insight into the buyer's market view of strategic relationships

Price forecasts for traded and non-traded commodities

Quarterly industry buzz newsletters

1:1 analyst time

What Beroe does NOT do

Run a survey without an NDA

Share or provide competitive or proprietary information

Use the information provided for a specific request for others

Act in a biased or non-neutral manner

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