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Is procurement ready for
Big Data Analytics?

While most companies believe in the impact of big data
analytics in their supply chain, many have had difficulty
adopting it

Upping the
supplier Intelligence game
with digital solutions

The need to reduce the complexity of
source-to-payment processes are driving
procurement organizations to better manage their
supplier data.

Eco-friendly bottles-- alluring
yet challenging

There is an increasing and critical need to check
the carbon footprint on every bottle we consume.
The good news is companies are responding to
consumer demand for eco-friendly bottles

3D Printing of MRO spare parts

With the advent of 3D printing technology,
the problem of unavailability of spare parts
can be mitigated to a great extent

Truck Platooning:
What? Say that Again?

This Whitepaper helps the shippers to
understand the benefits of truck
platooning technology in European
transportation market

Cut down excess space and
inventory through the adoption
of on-demand warehouse

For a majority of warehouse managers, the
challenge lies in handling excess space during off
season and excess inventory during peak season

Automation Practices
and its Benefits in BPO

The BPO model for transactional activities has
achieved the highest level of efficiencies in
terms standardization and centralization. Is
there more scope for efficiency and savings?