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Procurement’s key role in reducing

Green House Gas emissions

Amidst all debate around climate change, if one were to ask whether procurement organizations have a role to
play in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, the answer will be a resounding Yes! Through sustainable
procurement policies, sourcing managers are working towards reducing the carbon footprint.


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On the sense of fairness --

Insights from
Nobel Economics

What constitutes fair price for a product or a service is a perennial quest
for people in general and procurement managers in particular. As one of
the pioneer of behavioral economics, U.S. academic Richard Thaler’s
contribution has built a bridge between the economic and psychological
analyses of decision-making.


“Green Meetings”
adds value to CSR

Thousands of meetings, conferences and events are held around the world every year. These events, at times, could have a detrimental impact on the environment. However, the manner in which events are produced can be altered to minimize the environmental impact.

Catalonia Crisis --
Industries face potential disruption

The current political impasse has resulted in great business
uncertainty. Catalonia is a major producer of Chemicals,
Pharmaceuticals, Automotive parts, and food (meat products)
and drinks (Wine & Cava) making these industries more
vulnerable than others.


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