Uncertainties in the global economy are shifting focus from reducing cost to managing volatility. Improving visibility across the value chain and reaching out to emerging economies are expected to take center stage in future procurement decisions. Besides "cost savings", Beroe's intelligence allows you to focus on value adding activities.

Procurement Imperatives for Personal Products Industry

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Beroe solutions

Beroe's Solutions for the Personal Products Industry

Continuous tracking of markets and commodities including petrochemicals, solvents & specialty chemicals

Robust modeling and in-depth Market Intelligence that permits effective month-on-month tracking of over 50 commodities relevant to the Personal Products industry

Accurate Price Forecasts

Beroe's forecast accuracy, even for volatile commodities, is above 90%

Analyze options through supplier evaluations via pre-qualification surveys

to identify best-fit suppliers

Provide supply chain risk assessment and visibility

to increase supply side transparency and the anticipation of bottle-necks

Identify alternate sourcing destinations

by establishing a global cost and risk matrix of potential suppliers

advantage procurement

Domains and categories in Personal Products Industry