In the Medical Devices industry, Procurement is increasingly shifting the focus from reducing cost to improving patent safety and visibility across the supply chain. Beroe gives you the means to make decisions that keep you ahead of the competition. Besides "cost savings", Beroe's intelligence allows you to focus on value adding activities.

Procurement Imperatives for Medical Device Industry

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Beroe solutions

Beroe's Solutions for the Medical Devices Industry

Deep dive market intelligence reports

Category expertise allows Beroe to provide relevant, market insights over a wide spectrum of Medical Devices

Supplier risk assessment through periodical evaluations and on the ground intelligence

Ensure secure supply and help smoothen the supplier integration process

Competitive Intelligence

Continuous tracking of the market to identify the strategies employed by different companies and to analyze the impact of these strategies

Executive dashboards on Producer Price Index (PPI) trending of various raw materials

Dashboards to understand the price movements of key raw materials

Support on sustainable Green practices

Dynamic tools to estimate any given product's carbon footprint mitigation opportunities

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Domains and categories in Medical Devices Industry