Behind its glitz and glamour, the Media and Entertainment industry hides the sweat and toil of hundreds of procurement professionals working hard to keep the magic going. Procurement in Media and Entertainment is faced with many challenges, including inefficient spend management, difficulties in contract negotiation and creating continuous business value. Besides "cost savings", Beroe's insightful market intelligence allows category managers to focus on value adding activities. Here are some of the business trends and implications that are relevant for M&E procurement executives. These trends are by no means exhaustive - but they give you an insight as to how Beroe goes about solving procurement problems.

Procurement Imperatives for Media & Entertainment Industry

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Beroe solutions

Beroe's Solutions for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Providing consolidation practices

Insights into how peer media companies are consolidating their media accounts (by product category, regions etc.) Regional analysis on opportunity for consolidation.

Market Analysis

Beroe can provide in-depth information market landscape, vendor insights and trends governing the industry with respect to MPS/MDS services.

Competitive Intelligence and Sourcing Best Practices

Information on how Fortune 500 peers implement MPS/MDS in their ecosystem backed with supplier case studies. And insights on contracting best practices, key SLAs, KPIs, implementation roadmap, pricing and engagement models.

Insights on merger and acquisitions, opportunities

and threats in engaging with new ventures. Also, insights on consolidation possibilities for buyers based on the current operational capabilities of the merged firms.

advantage procurement

and categories in
Media & Entertainment