Procurement Espresso

Gen Z and Procurement:
made for each other

They are willing to commit to a cause in exchange
for a satisfying employee experience, a stark
contrast with the previous generation which
gravitated towards the entrepreneurial vibe

3 Secrets of

Supplier Management
in Staffing

Procurement organizations need to
develop a strategy to meet future
contingent workforce requirement at a
cost that provides value to the business.

Tail-end spend
management possible
in legal services?

Tail-end spend, which forms up to 20 percent
of the total spend, has remained a “blind-spot”
for corporate legal departments. While its
visibility is less, it can be explored to achieve
significant cost-savings.

Corporate Travel
Procurement -- bridging
the digital divide

There is a gap between practice
and policy when it comes to digital
services and corporate travel.

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