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Procurement Espresso

Sourcing in the
Age of Distraction

As their profile rises, Procurement managers would find it tough to manage the surge of incoming marketing and sales reachouts via plethora of channels. It's not always easy to locate relevant, reliable and specific intelligence that would fit the buyer's sourcing context.

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Are relocation
service providers ready
to handle volume surge?

Over the past six months, relocation service
providers have shown keen interest towards providing strategic consulting services for firms that are proactively planning Brexit transformation program.

Beroe LiVE Poll:

Most important criterion in choosing an S2P supplier

We ran a poll among users of Beroe LiVE,
a community of thousands of Procurement decision makers,
to find the most important factor for choosing an S2P supplier.

Beroe LiVE Poll: Average year-on-year
cost savings achieved
through spend analysis exercise

Spend analysis can rein in the overuse of maverick buying. However, procurement teams need to
be operationally ready to access the full potential of the process.

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