Category managers across procurement verticals are increasingly looking at a variety of sourcing destinations so as to mitigate, if not altogether eliminate, supplier uncertainty and price volatility of raw materials and services.

African continent is poised to emerge as one of favoured procurement destinations for category managers of many multinational companies, years after the rise of regions such as Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The key to efficiently and effectively procure from Africa is a wellspring of reliable information.

The challenge of gathering reliable information can only be addressed if there is a network of strong local experts, who can help glean critical bits of hidden information that could be of use to procurement managers.

And as companies move towards category management, there is a need for continuous supply of Africa market intelligence as opposed to discrete chunks of data that are currently being churned out.

Beroe understands the importance of having on-field presence in Africa so as to begin supplying continuous market intelligence to Fortune 500 clients - chain of information that can prove critical for category managers who are looking to procure from Africa.

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