Report Coverage

  • Seasonality and restocking
  • Feedstock Dynamics
  • Trade Scenario
  • Macro - Exchange rates, GDP, Inflation rates, Industrial production
  • Historical price analysis
  • Governmental regulations
  • Market Fundamentals — Supply and Demand
  • Planned and unplanned capacity investments & closures

Market Description

Ethylene capacity stood at ~170 MMT in 2018. During the last five years, ~22 MMT of new capacity additions took place in the ethylene market. The major capacity additions recorded in the US market.  By 2022, another 20-30 MMT capacity additions are expected in the market at a growth rate of 3-5 percent. Polyethylene is the major market driver for the ethylene market with ~60 percent market share, followed by ethylene oxide (14%) and PVC (11%). Polyethylene is expected to grow at 3-4 percent in the next years. Currently, naphtha and ethane are majorly used feedstock for producing ethylene. Ethane-based production has higher margins, hence suppliers in the US and the Middle East are profited when compared with other regions. Due to expected firm crude oil prices suppliers in Europe and Asia look for imported ethane-based cracking which is cost competitive when compared with naphtha-based crackers.

Beroe gathers intelligence through primary sources that include industry experts, researchers and consultants, as well as current suppliers, producers and distributors. Secondary sources can include subscriptions, business journals, newsletters, magazines, market research data, company sources and industry associations. Following data collation, analysis and strategic review, the final report is published.

Table of Contents

  1. Ethylene Market Overview
  2. Market Overview – U.S
  3. Market Overview – Europe
  4. Market Overview – SEA
  1. Ethylene Supply Chain Events
  2. Supply Chain Events – U.S
  3. Supply Chain Events - Europe
  4. Supply Chain Events – SEA
  1. Ethylene Market Outlook – U.S
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Ethylene Market Outlook – Europe
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Ethylene Market Outlook – SEA
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Ethylene Supply – Demand Overview
  2. Supply – Demand Overview – U.S and Europe

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