Report Coverage

  • Seasonality and restocking
  • Feedstock Dynamics
  • Trade Scenario
  • Macro - Exchange rates, GDP, Inflation rates, Industrial production
  • Historical price analysis
  • Governmental regulations
  • Market Fundamentals — Supply and Demand
  • Planned and unplanned capacity investments & closures

Market Description

The global demand of ethyl acetate is estimated at 3.8 MMT in 2017, expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5 percent until 2022

Asia has excess capacity, whereas North America and Europe are dependent on imports from Asia to cater to domestic demand

Capacity–demand gap during 2017–2022 is expected to narrow down, as the capacity additions announced may not cater to the expected increase in demand

Increasing demand for paints & coatings and adhesives in the developing regions, like China, India, LATAM, etc., due to rising construction sector and increasing auto sales, is expected to drive the demand for ethyl acetate

Capacity–demand gap in the ethyl acetate market is expected to reduce during 2018–2022, due to lesser capacity additions compared to the demand growth, reducing the buyer power

Large volume buyers usually prefer buying through contract across North America and Europe

CPG players opt for contracts, as they require specific grades, which only few manufacturers can produce

Beroe gathers intelligence through primary sources that include industry experts, researchers and consultants, as well as current suppliers, producers and distributors. Secondary sources can include subscriptions, business journals, newsletters, magazines, market research data, company sources and industry associations. Following data collation, analysis and strategic review, the final report is published.

Table of Contents

  1. Market Overview – U.S
  1. Market Outlook – U.S
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Supply Chain Events – U.S
  1. Market Overview – Europe
  1. Market Outlook – Europe
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Supply Chain Events - Europe
  1. Supply – Demand Overview – U.S and Europe
  1. Market Overview – SEA
  1. Market Outlook – SEA
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Supply Chain Events – SEA
  1. Market Overview – LATAM
  1. Market Outlook – LATAM
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Supply Chain Events - LATAM
  1. Supply – Demand Overview – SEA and LATAM

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