Report Coverage

  • Seasonality and restocking
  • Feedstock Dynamics
  • Trade Scenario
  • Macro - Exchange rates, GDP, Inflation rates, Industrial production
  • Historical price analysis
  • Governmental regulations
  • Market Fundamentals — Supply and Demand
  • Planned and unplanned capacity investments & closures

Market Description

The Global demand for primary and recycled aluminium is being fueled by the trend towards lightweight construction in the automotive industry. The consumption of aluminium is growing in the booming aerospace industry, while the upturn in the construction industry in continental Europe is also stimulating demands. In addition, demand in mechanical engineering and packaging markets continues to increase. China has become the world’s largest producer of aluminium and continues to be the primary driver of growth in the aluminium industry.

Global primary aluminium production increased by 5.8 % in 2017, with a 10 % increase in China and stable production in North America and Europe. In total, approx. 63.2 million tonnes of aluminium were produced worldwide in 2017. Market observers are expecting continued solid growth in the current year, with Düsseldorf-based IKB Bank forecasting global primary aluminium production of 64 million tonnes and recycled aluminium production of approx. 12 million tonnes in 2018.

Beroe gathers intelligence through primary sources that include industry experts, researchers and consultants, as well as current suppliers, producers and distributors. Secondary sources can include subscriptions, business journals, newsletters, magazines, market research data, company sources and industry associations. Following data collation, analysis and strategic review, the final report is published.

Table of Contents

  1. Aluminum Market Overview
  2. Market Overview – Global
  3. Market Overview – SHFE
  1. Aluminum Supply Chain Events
  2. Supply Chain Events - LME/Global
  3. Supply Chain Events – China/Global
  1. Aluminum Market Outlook – LME Benchmark global reference price.
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term
  1. Aluminum Market Outlook – China
  2. Short Term
  3. Medium Term
  4. Long term

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